Snowy Sunday! I St Albans Photographer

So we had a snow day across much of England yesterday!  Those in colder climates would laugh I’m sure, but here in the UK we don’t cope well with snow.  The country tends to grind to a halt with the first few flakes!

But when it’s on a Sunday there’s none of that “Shall I try and make it to work?” and “How long is a reasonable amount of time to try before I give up?”.  You can just get on the cold weather gear and go out and have some FUN!!!!  On a personal note I was glad to finally get some use out of the snow boots we all bought at the start of the winter – I knew I would jinx the weather being so organised!!

We spent most of the day outside yesterday, building snowmen, sledging and snowball fights with the neighbours! Mummy also got a little bit of time with her tripod and macro tubes to have a play as well!  Having my “big” camera is a good excuse not to be the target of too many snowballs too! 😉 It’s great to practice when we have some snow as it’s so infrequent for us. You really need to be shooting fully manual otherwise you’re going to end up with some very grey, underexposed pictures.

And we finally put to bed two absolutely exhausted children last night who went to sleep without a peep for the first time in a long while!  A happy day 🙂

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