12 self portraits in 2012 I April

So here’s my self portrait for April.  I took this as part of the workshop I have been doing this month, Mastering Natural Light Indoors.  It’s run through the Clickin Moms forum and we have been learning all about different types and directions of light, and how we can work with natural light to best flatter our subject.  Quite a few of us tried out a self portrait this week in class and it was so interesting to see what everybody did because they were all so different!

This is mine.  It was taken under the remit to manipulate the light in some way, either adding or removing light from the original set-up.  I did this by closing the blind 3/4 down in my bedroom to achieve that shaft of light coming through.  I took this in a spot I would never have thought to before! 😉



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