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Last week saw me start yet another workshop through the fabulous Clickin Moms website!  This time around it’s Natural Light with Atmosphere,  which is the outdoor equivalent of the Mastering Natural Light Indoors workshop I took a few months ago.   This one is all about learning how atmospheric changes affect the tone of your image and how you can effectively incorporate them into your overall vision for your photography.  I’m just hoping the weather behaves itself for the next few weeks so I can complete all my assignments! 😉

I love doing these workshops so much as not only do I learn heaps, they always push me to shoot more, challenge myself and produce my best work.

Only one week in and I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve got so far!  Katie has been an absolute star this week, so patient and compliant!  So I’ve been making the most of it as Jack…..hasn’t!!  Here are some of my favourites from Week 1:

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