The Olympic Torch I St Albans photographer {Personal}

Yesterday marked Day 51 of the Olympic Torch Relay and its visit to St Albans!

We were all faced with a bit of a dilemma over wanting to watch the torch but also watch Andy Murray in the Wimbledon men’s final – the first time a Brit has made it to the final for 74 years!!  Luckily the good old British weather came good for us, and a rain break meant we were able to dash down to see the torch and not miss too much – and the rain even held out here till after it had passed by!

The atmosphere in the crowd was great and it was a fun afternoon, the highlight for the children was getting high-fives from policemen on motorbikes I think!!  Pity the tennis didn’t go quite to plan, but never mind….

Here’s a few pictures from the afterrnoon:

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