12 self portraits in 2012 I October

Well first of all I have to confess to missing a month 🙁  September just ran away with me between starting back at school, visiting Barcelona on a photography weekend and participating in my latest Clickin Moms workshop, Finding Your Style.  It was all a lot of fun though!

Here’s October’s submission: something a little bit different!  This was actually one of my set up shots – it’s quite difficult to do self portraits with a tripod as you have to set the camera up to try and focus on something that’s not actually there yet – ie you!!!  I usually do this by placing a teddy or similar in the approximate spot where I will be and then it is a bit of trial and error, plus a small aperture so that the depth of field is smaller and more of the picture is in focus.  That gives you a bit more slack.  This shot was actually one of my set-up shots before I actually found the focus – but I ended up liking it more than the ones I got in focus!  Perhaps it was more forgiving 😉  The Style workshop I have been doing has opened my eyes to some different ideas, so I thought my submission this month could be a little bit alternative!

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