2013 CM Blog Circle {March} Interesting Perspectives ~ Personal

So Clickin Moms are really pushing us this year with the themes!  For March – Interesting Perspectives.  So many different ways to interpret this theme, but I decided to go with some Photoshop size manipulation.

All of these picture ideas were the children’s, shrinking Daddy was especially popular! 🙂   They and I (and Daddy and even Molly the cat!) had a lot of fun doing these.

And I now have an even greater appreciation of those who truly work wonders in Photoshop.  I use it regularly to enhance my photographs and make them look the best they can be.  But doing this kind of work and really making it look realistic is something else entirely.  A lot of it is in the shadows I decided – it’s a real skill to work those shadows properly to keep it looking real.  And one I clearly don’t have, haha!  Just like photography really – good photography is all about the light and the shadows.  It’s easy to have an idea in your mind for a picture – but actually executing it with the available light takes a lot of skill.

So take these for what they are, a bit of fun.  You won’t be seeing manipulation of this kind in my client work any time soon!!! 😉  And make sure you follow the blog circle round, starting with Dawne

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