Heartwood Forest Macro I St Albans Photographer

Life has been a bit manic this year with a lot of personal stuff going on including a house move.  One Sunny September morning I decided to take a little bit of time out from all the stress and head up to beautiful Heartwood Forest just outside of St Albans to shoot some macro for fun.  It’s been far too long since I shot just for me – even Katie has asked me “Mummy when can we go and take pictures again?” !!  So definitely long overdue and something I’m going to put right once things have settled down a little.

I spent a wonderful hour or so hunting out berries and buds, and even a little spider in his web (much magnified with the macro lens, I don’t get that close!).  The dew on the spiders webs was stunning in the sunshine.

I do enjoy taking flower images and find it very therapeutic to slow down now and then.  I think there’s potentially a fine art market to tap into that I might start to explore once the Christmas rush is over.  Do get in touch if that’s something you might be interested in purchasing for your walls, I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a few I shot that lovely September morning:

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