Festive Frost I Winter in St Albans

Yesterday morning we woke up to temperatures of -6 in St Albans!  Pretty chilly as we set off on the school run but oh so pretty!  It took us twice as long as usual to walk to school as I think we stopped to admire every spiders web on the way, as they caught the sun preserved in a layer of frost. It was just magical, and Katie said to me “You should have brought your camera Mummy!”  I’m too busy I thought, I have prints to order, CDs to burn, appointments in town and so much still to do for Christmas.  But I caught myself and thought I can absolutely take half an hour out of my day to go and just play.  To shoot with no pressure, no expectations, just whatever catches my eye.  And so that’s what I did, just for half an hour, and I loved every minute!  It’s been a while since I shot just for me.  And as I (very happily) get busier I need to make sure I make the time to do that every so often as that’s where everything you see on this website all started.

The only problem with this is it’s left me with a bit of a hankering for a dedicated macro lens – sorry Rob!!!!!  🙂  I hope you enjoy the pictures as I so enjoyed taking them ♥

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