About your session



I don’t work from a studio, I prefer to photograph you in your natural environment so you can relax and be yourselves.  That will almost always be your home for babies and younger children.  With older children you may choose to be at home/ in the garden, you may want to venture out to a favourite local park/ outdoor area, or often a combination of the two if they are close by; we will choose the best place together.

A session usually lasts around an hour, but I allow up to two, with plenty of time for snacks and breaks.



The maternity session is best done around 32-35 weeks and will last around 1 hour. Your partner and any older siblings are very welcome to join in!

Tips for your maternity session

  • Wear something tight fitting to show off your bump
  • Avoid strong patterns or logos
  • For bare bump shots avoid anything elasticated for a few hours before the shoot
  • Plain white bed linen works best for bedroom shots
  • A de-cluttered background always helps!

It may feel like the last thing on your mind to get photos taken when you are feeling larger than normal and somewhat uncomfortable, but this precious time passes so quickly it’s lovely to capture it, and children are always fascinated to see “their” baby bump!  My focus is to ensure you are comfortable, make you feel beautiful and capture your pregnancy “glow” in classic, flattering portraits.

I work on location either outdoors, or using the available natural light in your home.  If the nursery is ready it’s always fun to take some in there with any toys, baby bootees etc ready for baby’s arrival.





Tips for your newborn session

  • Ideally within first 14 days
  • Make sure house is warm
  • Dress comfortably and lightly
  • Dress baby in a simple vest
  • Have familiar blankets available

Newborn sessions are ideally done within the first 14 days for best results – the earlier the better while baby is still sleepy!  It’s also fine when baby is a bit older – just be aware that they will be more awake and alert, and starting to get their own ideas of what they do and don’t want to do!  I allow up to 3 hours to give ample time for feeding, changing etc – baby always comes first.  We will pencil in your newborn session around your due date but obviously this is flexible and can be firmed up once baby arrives.

I always encourage you to be in some of the shots.  It may be the last thing you feel like soon after you’ve given birth, but trust me, you’ll be glad you did!  You don’t have to pose.  All I will ask you to do is enjoy being with your baby, and I will work around you to capture this special time.  Please wear something you feel comfortable in, and try to avoid strong patterns and logos.  Lighter neutral colours tend to work best.

For baby it’s best to start off dressed in a plain and simple one piece vest, which we will take off once they are settled.  Please have familiar swaddling blankets available so we can do this gradually to avoid startling them.  Blankets with some texture, eg a chunky knit, work really well in photographs.

For a newborn session it’s particularly important to create a calm, soothing atmosphere, so please restrict any outside visitors during the session so we can have as few distractions as possible.


With the Bump to Baby collection we will do the maternity session when you are usually 32-35 weeks, and the newborn session ideally within the first 14 days.

I will come to your house on two separate occasions to capture these special moments forever.  This package offers a huge saving over booking two individual sessions, plus the session fee is only payable once upon booking.

For each session I allow 1-2 hours, including plenty of time for feeding and changing.



Which milestones?

  • Bump – Capture your body at such a fleeting and unique time in your life.
  • Newborn – Ideally within the first two weeks while baby is still nice and sleepy!
  • 4-6 months – Capture those first smiles and giggles as baby starts to interact!
  • 8-9 months – Or whenever baby is starting to sit up, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for fun, play and interaction
  • 12 months – Baby’s first birthday, or when baby starts to take their first tentative steps

The first year of a baby’s life goes past in a flash.  Blink and you miss it!  It’s so important to capture all these little moments that you think you will remember forever, but I promise that you will forget.

Now you can remember everything with a  “My First Year” package .  I will come to your house on three separate occasions to capture all these special moments forever.  This package offers a huge saving over booking three individual sessions, plus the session fee is only payable once upon booking.

For each session I allow 1-2 hours, including plenty of time for feeding and changing.